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If your company needs a public face...... 

Video Production From Multiple Strategies

Bringing two-fisted fury from the editing bay, we will win that Big Boss battle of your project with plenty of time to spare. Or, if you’d like us to handle your project from concept to creation, we will guide you with a three-pronged personal approach, and guide your every move along the way. This might take a bit longer, but we will assuredly get you to the finish with expert quality. It’s as if an 8k camera and a pair of nunchucks had a baby...and it grew up to make amazing media, and protect the town from hooligans.

Crane Style Social Media 

When your social media strategy is giving you the smack down, you need to start smacking back. We're your iron-hand of action in every online medium. Your Instagram grasp will take effect immediately. Your tweets will knock the breath out of your customers. Your Facebook links will get more likes than a cute puppy. Your online relevance will rise, again!

Enter the Marketing Arts Dragons

We have fun with our presentations and concepts, but we take our clients’ marketing serious. When the dust settles, we'll break everything but your budget. We are masters of the classical styles of marketing, but like Bruce Lee, we're not afraid to invent, innovate and improvise our way through the battle to make sure your goals are met...while looking awesome and contemporary.

Brazillian Cage Warrior Training

Just kidding. We actually have no idea how to hurt anyone in a fight, but will be happy to make a few calls and get you in touch with someone if you're into that.

The Scribes Of Insightful Copywriting 

You might have the concept or the idea, but do you have the patience and focus to make sense of it...? If your script needs a punch up, or if you need to grapple and subdue your brand messaging, our expert script fighters will land every word, strike with expert vocabulary, zero in with lethal timing and "sweep the leg" of tricky communications to drive your message home. After all, stories are told by the victors.
About Us
When terminal commands ruled the green ether, we were forged. From the shadows of Denver's first HD facility and the long-held tales of the more aggressive freelancers in the Rocky Mountains, rose Stuart/Anton, a fledgling outfit collection, comprising two. As a few years passed, we collected a larger roster of talent, and we had to grow more diverse. Enter, KickAction Media. We've produced memorable local commercials, inter-corporate training videos; we're behind social campaigns and massive community events. We know lots of people--more important, they know us. We create it, get it on its feet, give pep talks during the growing pains, and nurse it to a ripe age. Need heavy graphics? No problem. Snappy dialogue with script punch-up? We're right here. All this, within your budget's range. Tread lightly though, stranger: we could be fast friends, before it's all over...
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They came. They saw. They kicked some serious marketing arse.
Fred S, Boutique store chain owner in the Denver Metro area

These guys know what they're doing.
Lisa M, Principal with Denver Public Schools

Super-charged our brand literally overnight!
Greg H, CEO with one of the biggest Denver Auto Dealerships

Our competitors had no idea what hit them. I almost feel sorry for them.
 Judy S, Marketing Manager with a major consumer brand


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When it comes to promoting your brand this is the spokesperson you want on your side. Audra has been featured as an actress and spokesperson for the better part of 20 years. Her credits include: national and local commercials; regional industrial projects; voice overs; independent film; theater; documentaries; promotional appearances and modeling. As a Bachelor of Science, Audra puts a high level of intellect and study into her varied work - everyone wants her talent and knowledge, and it's available for you. Killer looks, smooth delivery and knock-them-dead charisma are only the beginning - more

Marketing Black Belts

Trained in the 7 deadly styles of the marketing arts, KickAction Media has mastered the skills to grapple your toughest media projects. Our clients are diverse – we've produced memorable local commercials, inter-corporate training videos; we're behind social campaigns and massive community events.

KickAction Media is an agile, multi-purpose, multi-service, multi-disciplinary, multi-media company with the most talented producers working today. 

The Ninja behind the scenes, master of all technical and purveyor of the dark video arts. If you've watched TV in the past 25 years, chances are, you've seen his craft and artistry in work. As one of the first pioneers of HD in the local scene, Anton is well-versed in the newest, most dynamic technology in modern media. His fingerprints are everywhere, and his knowledge is freely shared with friends and colleagues alike. His associations numerous--his competitors are few. Years of practice have made his skills perfect - more